Monday, August 31, 2009

10:46 PM

The posting space is finally fixed thanks to Mr Terence Wong. Meanwhile, I got the videos for the deep purple medley. It is made up of 3 songs - 'Burn', ' Highway Star' and 'Smoke on the water'. Try to listen to the songs and get the 'feels' right.


Highway Star

Smoke on the water

Good luck and enjoy practicing.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

7:18 PM

These are a couple of songs you guys could listen to when you are free. The first few are the pieces we sight read on saturday's practice. The rest are songs by one of my favourite composers, Yanni. Enjoy.

Deep Purple Medley

Deep Purple Medly -

Dancing MegaHits

Dancing_megahits - Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra

Omens of Love

Omens of Love - Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra

Happy Mallets

Harm_Evers_-_Happy_Mallets - band-Harm Evers

Yanni - Santorini

Yanni - Prelude & Nostalgia

Yanni - Swept Away

Yanni - Nightingale

Yanni - Rainmaker

Yanni - Reflections of Passion

Yanni - One Man´s Dream

Yanni - The Storm

Yanni - For All Seasons

Yanni World Dance

Yanni - Aria


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

12:12 AM

DATE 6 OCT 2009, TUE -
11 OCT 2009, SUN

TIME 2pm (Sat & Sun only), 7pm (Sun only),
8pm (Tues – Sat only)
(110mins, no intermission)

VENUE Theatre

PRICE $40, $50*, $70, $85, $100, $120
Family package for Cat 1 tickets
(2 Adults + 2 Students):
$280 (2pm matinee shows only), $320 (7pm and 8pm shows)

*Student’s price

Stomp '09Stomp '09, which is now touring Australia and New Zealand and opened in Melbourne this week, is a wonderfully manic blend of dance, music and comedy. Eight incredibly energetic performers create infectious rhythms using their bodies and every conceivable ordinary, everyday 'instrument': booted feet, hands and bodies combine with sand, rubber hoses, rubbish bags, brooms, paint tins and a host of other mundane items to ignite the stage and the audience.

STOMP reportedly started life in 1991 as a single drum hanging around the neck of Luke Cresswell, a self taught percussionist from Brighton, England. As a session drummer and rhythm programmer he has worked with the likes of Bette Midler, Elvis Costello and Bryan Ferry. When Cresswell teamed up with Steve McNicholas, an actor/singer/musician/writer from Yorkshire, an original member of the a capella group The Flying Pickets, the original STOMP was born and has now entertained some 14 million people across 43 countries from London's West End, where it has run for six years, to the US, earning an Olivier Award and a gig at the Oscars ceremony. It now encompasses 100 performers over five companies. That's some success and heightens the expectations of any audience member. Stomp '09 introduces new music and choreography along with eight wonderfully athletic and energetic performers.

Early in the performance, which runs for 80 minutes, I found myself wondering where else they could go, having started with brooms, sand and a soft shoe shuffle: what was left that would be new and exciting? As it turned out, plenty. The performers create eight very distinctive characters, each with their own style and idiosyncrasies, and add an entertaining mix of comedy, both broad and subtle, to the dance and rhythm making. Paul Bend is the standup, a tall skinny comic who never quite gets things right. In contrast there's the tough guy complete with mohawk (John Sawicki) and the working man in overalls Nathanial Conroy. But it is totally unfair to single out any one of the eight, which also includes R J Samson, Keith Middleton (a tall slender black man complete with long dreads), Aideen Gallagher; Sarah Lasaki, and Troy Sexton, because this is truly an ensemble work. The eight work together as a well integrated team: you need to see the sequence which has paint tins of various sizes flying across the stage to create a distinctive rhythm without missing a beat. It's a cross between juggling, dance and percussion.

It is astonishing and exhilarating to experience what can be done without words – just body language and found sound. The momentum steadily builds, with the audience slowly but surely being drawn into the action, to culminate in a loud and enthusiastic finale with performers and audience working together to create they music.

Stomp '09 is fast, furious and very funny.

Definitely not to be missed concert. Especially for percussionists.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

9:20 PM

Hello band, presentation night is finally over!
Yes rejoice!
But sadly, that was our dear sec4s final performance.
But in the midst of bidding them goodbye,
We should all follow up on what they have left behind right?

You guys have done very well for all these performances that we had.
And i believe it is finally time that you guys have a break.

Everyone knows that we have been very very busy
From the end of last year preparing for our syf.
To preparing for our midyears.

To preparing for our limelight concert.
To preparing for the montana exchange.
And to preparing for the presentation night.

Good job peeps,give yourself a pat on the back.
Meanwhile focus on your studies and have a little break from band.
Before we start preparing for national day :D.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

11:33 PM

Clarinet Sandwich.wma -


10:59 PM

Hello dear band members :D

Sorry to disappoint all of you but there is going to be a July archive!

Haha. Next week will be our performance
So i do hope that all of you all are working very hard for this.
It will be a very exciting one if you all put in the effort to master these pieces.
You all can do it! :D

Please please, be more disciplined during the band practices
And listen to what Mr.Tan is teaching.
Even when he is teaching other sections.
You might be able to apply some of that rhythm or other problems to your own playing!

And dont fool around during sectionals,esp.
We dont have much time so must treasure.

I will try to upload the Clarinet Sandwich's recording when i figured out how.
Haha okaythanks bye.
-Zhiyang (finally updating for the first time)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

10:49 PM

It's gonna be a short post, just to please you people. -_- Band room will be opened on monday, 8 june for junior band practice 1pm-5pm and on the next day too but the time is not confirmed. Call or message the bls if you want to come back on tuesday to self-practice. There will also be NO band practices during the third week of the holidays so go and borrow your instruments before then to self-practice at home so you have more time to practice before presentation night. Remember to balance your time, work hard and play hard.
If you are bored then go and listen to this, Japanese Graffiti 4 (press the play the full song button)

Japanese Graffiti IV - Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra


Monday, April 06, 2009

9:42 PM


It was a job well done band mates [:

Sry to pour cold water on you people,
i think that we should not be too happy about this.
Do take time to reflect on what we got.
We may have gotten GWH, this does not mean that we are the best band.
There are many many bands that are better than us.
Last SFY, there was only 3 GWH.
This year there were many.
Take time to reflect on our performance.

But anyway, enjoy your GWH for this beautiful day [:

We went thru lots tgt as a band,
we got talks from everyone,
they tot we couldn't make it.
we proved them wrong thru last min work.
for the next batch going for SYF,
good luck and do not be like us,
for if you do not have a great leader like timothy,
we may have failed.
start early, early birds always gets the best things.

I have great faith in you people [:
Jiayous for our concert too !
As mr tan said, its equally impt.
Many things to say, too little time,
therefore, i shall stop here [:


-Jaslynn [: